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In today's world of aesthetic taste and people looking for comfortable living and with the idea of saving space and money, we have embarked upon to provide our classy customers with a wide range of space saving furniture’s. These furniture’s come in attractive size & colours for entire family. Everybody has a wide choice to choose and make their living as comfortable as possible within the available living space. This will enhance the comfort coupled with monetary savings.

space saving furniture

Specialty products like concealed and collapsible SINGLE & DOUBLE BED, Invisible Table, Kids Reading Table cum Coffee/Centre Table, Double Decker Bed for Kids, Work Station Table cum SINGLE & DEOUBLE BED, SHOE RACKS, etc. are available in our showroom. The quality, finish and sleek look will surely enhance the beauty of any house.
The main feature is that, with our SPACE SAVING FURNITURES, our customers will be able to use their living space to the maximum utility and every sq ft they pay for their flat/house is optimized fully. It also has the advantage of easy cleaning and maintenance of the floor and no dust and cob-web is accumulated as it happens in the conventional COTS/BEDS, SOFAS, etc.
Mr Sajith, Chief Manager Indian Overseas Bank, Ashok Nagar Branch, says, that these products are so unique and it is ideal for all who live in flats as well as individual small houses. He says the study table cum bed is so ideal for a single bedroom flat or for a studio apartment.
Ms Shobana an Educationist and a Philanthropist, who is actively involved in all Lions Clubs projects, has compared the product range availability with those around the world, and opined they are at par with them in quality with the advantage of much cheaper price tag as compared abroad.
The showroom is open on all days the week from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm and the ambience and comfort is the hallmark. The spacious fully air conditioned show room is spread over 2500 sq ft.

We aim at creating “small homes with large spaces”

Space currently is an expensive commodity and there is going to be an increasing demand. interiors of small spaces. Its all about SMALL SPACE LUXURY

Space transformers - single beds that transforms into study, double bed that transforms into dinning, dining that transforms into single bed etc.

Wall beds -Horizontal and vertical folding single and double beds

Wall table units -wall dining and wall study unitsWith a little extra time and development cost we could also customize new space transformers